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Kuau Cove, Just Past Paia (aka Mama's Fish House Beach)

Kuau Cove, Just Past Paia (aka Mama's Fish House Beach)

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E Komo Mai (Welcome!)
Maui Guidebook is an insider’s guide to Maui written with strong local knowledge by people who not only live here, but whose lives and love for Maui gives you a depth of understanding and connection that goes far beyond that of any mass-produced commercial tourist guidebook.

All the articles you’ll find here are well-balanced, have been recently written and are kept updated with changes, current information and news in real-time. Visitors and locals are encouraged to share their knowledge with unedited comments sections available on all article pages. In fact, if you live here and would like to write an article about a place or activity with which you have specific, intimate knowledge, let Mark know using the contact form; we’d love to include your insight!

Above everything else, the focus here is to bring you out of the unreal “tourist world” of glossy brochure-racks and “things-to-do” rental-car advert-azines, and instead to present you with the inside knowledge that allows you to explore the real Hawai’i that you many never have known existed. A Hawai’i that will enchant and amaze you, and that sadly, most visitors will gloss over, and never see.

Sensitive Places
The mass-market success of the most popular guidebook has been devastating for some of our most fragile places. The way the world gets information has also changed a lot and the Internet has removed all centralized control over information, which has been an incredibly overall positive, liberating change for better. But when key information is missing in a place a small and sensitive as Maui, out-of-control results with profound impacts can happen rapidly. Our aim is not to try in vain to keep this information from the visiting public, but rather to explain fully, and honestly, about areas where your presence may create an unsustainable impact. This way you can understand your impact, make educated decisions, and take responsibility for your part in caring for this treasure we call home. We truly believe that most visitors want to help preserve what is so special about Maui.

Baby Beach (North Shore)

Baby Beach (North Shore)

Excerpting & Linking
Please feel free to excerpt, so long as you give full credit, and include a link to the article from which you have excerpted. (Excerpting is not the same as copying significant portions of content, which requires our authorization.) I’d also love to read what you write, so send me a link!

Also, please help making this site complete by commenting, correcting, criticizing, or supplementing our information using the comments feature on the article pages. This invitation is open to all visitors, locals, and especially to kapuna and experts in our cultural and environmental resources.

Mahalo Nui Loa – and Enjoy Maui 😉


  1. Penelope Taback says:

    I was wondering if you can go from Piilani Hwy to Makena Rd to get you to Wailea from Hana? Do we have to loop all the way back inland to get there?

    Thanks and your sight is amazing. Going back for a second trip with kids and very excited about going more local.

  2. Francia Lindon says:

    Your instructions left me thinking about my trip down the Colorado River thru the Grand Canyon. The one thing the guides continuously stressed is to leave no trace. We tend to think of rugged places as rugged but in reality the ecosystem is incredibly fragile having taken thousands of years to form.

  3. Hello Mark!
    Your guide was dead-on then & i’m super happy to find you online. the most important feature to me is the fact that you advocate a soft and small footprint. i’m a traveller, not a tourist; coming for water, flora & fauna, not ziplines & hotspots.
    Thank You for your smart & invaluable assistance once again. yay!

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